Recipes with potatoes are a firm favourite on any menu. This section shows how recipes using potatoes can provide you with some delicious potato menu ideas. We've so many recipes with potatoes for you to choose from. Get inspired!

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Households spend 6% of their total spending on restaurants and hotels. 1.5 million households have children aged 0-12 years; an important target group! Do you get all you can out of it?

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50 x fries

  • Looking for new and enticing ways to serve fries? Here are some creative solutions for your menu to help you grow your business.

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When it comes to fries, it's no longer 'one size fits all'.


Our specialties are easy to portion for every meal, snack or side-dish.


Our snacks can be used as a starter, sharing platter or as part of a main course

Gratins & Mashed Potatoes

Aviko potato gratins are delicious, creamy and full of flavor.

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